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Graham Goode Racing, who has been involved with racing and tuned Fords for as long as Mountune, offers a power increase to 355bhp and a host of exhaust, brake and chassis upgrades.Ford claims the standard Focus RS can reach 62mph from a standstill in just.7sec.When accelerating it's only slightly louder than standard, enough to sound aggressive but not offensively.As køn gerningsmanden liste 76016 well as the chassis changes, Mountune has also fuck kontakter i aachen added a proptotype wing extension.Developed by the race engine and road-car performance performance specialist, Mountune, alongside Ford, the critically acclaimed packages boost output and performance, whilst maintaining your vehicle's warranty.But rather than feeling substantially quicker, you notice the chassis changes first, way before the engine modifications.Increasing a cars performance by almost 15 per cent without upgrading either the chassis or brakes is, perhaps, a little unwise.Larger Capacity Alloy Intercooler, mountune Performance badge (fitted mR165 Package: 1,699 (Fitted - includes Parts, Labour and VAT).As a Mountune PRO Dealer, Perkins is proud to offer the full range of Mountune Performance Upgrades available on Ford ST and RS vehicles.The standard RSs inclination for the rear axle to bounce over large bumps or undulations, exaggerating any vertical inputs made to the chassis, are quelled by the new springs and it feels calmer and more suited to British B-roads.GT-R, BMW, Subaru tuner Litchfield also offers Focus RS power and chassis upgrades.
Fitting) 320Nm torque and 215PS upgrade for the Fiesta.
With an active Track Day club, we take our customers all over the UK to different race circuits throughout the year, to enable you to enjoy and experience søger rengøring lady baden bei wien the performance car you have bought or are about to buy.
Finally theres the M400, the one were testing, that puts out 394bhp and 376lb ft of torque, 49bhp and 29lb ft more than standard.The brakes upgrades come in at a total of 973 (the front pads are 139 and rears 99, while the discs cost 735).It also only costs 499.They are so loud and pronounced it makes the RS sound like a proper WRC car running anti-lag.Included in the Fiesta MP215 kit; Performance air filter, dual cold air feed.However, it's far from unbearable its the sort of behavior you might expect from a modified car that looks as exuberant and as focused as this RS and there is a noticeable benefit as well.For the day we drove the car it was incredibly entertaining, and because it only really happens in Sport, I doubt the novelty would wear off either.

The new wheels and lower body do look great, but they make the front axle hunt out cambers and grooves in the road, make it bump steer a little and magnify any torque steer.
Its only when you really push the RS M400 that you notice the extra power.
Engine, transmission and 0-60 time, mountune offers a variety of options when it comes to tuning the latest Focus.